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Just realized I’m getting behind in my posts, as well as answering your comments. I’ll try to catch up this weekend. Last weekend and the few days before it were very busy, as the Missouri Film Commission hosted an event Wednesday, June 30 for legislators and interested folks, so I went up to put in my 2¢ worth. Casey MacLaren, Cody Brown ( Megan and Floyd) and their teacher, Scott Arthur Allen, joined me for the Q&A and to make the pitch for more Missouri movies.

I spent the night at the home of dear friends Marsha and Marie and we talked really fast so everyone could get to bed on time.

Came home for dinner out with friends I don’t see nearly often enough, and back to Columbia for the opening at the Ragtag Cinema. This time I was joined by fellow Blackberry Winter musicians Dennis Crider and Linda Stoffel, and we did a short set before the movie. Then we tiptoed out and missed the first half of the movie so we could get dinner at Ragtag’s wonderful eatery before it closed. Excellent fare, then back to the movie and the Q&A. Drove back to Jeff for another overnight, this time joined by Kathleen and Sister Maggie, and a prolonged breakfast next morning where we laughed more than we ate, and we ate plenty. Good friends. There’s nothing like them.

Kathleen and I detoured over to Salem on the way home to catch their sesquicentennial celebrations, and I got home in time to catch the last of the housewarming party (and miss the work) at Mud Hollow.

An excellent time, but tiring.  Fireworks on the fourth, of course, but the grass at the airport was too dry and kept catching fire, so they weren’t able to finish them all. Oh, well. Even the short version was sweet.

Next week I’m off to Memphis for the Saturday night showing at the Ridgeway Four. Sunday there are two traveling exhibits as well as the usual fare at the National Civil Rights Museum. If you haven’t been, put it on your list. Extremely well done, and equally moving. If you think you remember everything about the ’60 and understand what happened, think again. Truly a life-altering experience.

Aug. 2 I’m off to Michigan for the 35th Michigan Womyn’s Festival outside Hart.  The lineup of performers looks delicious, and I’ll be doing workshops and peddling copies of the soundtrack, and catching up with old friends.

News Flash: The soundtrack release date will be announced

early next week!!!


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  1. Will says:

    Enjoy Memphis. Good Ethiopian eats on Poplar Avenue, 2600 Poplar, I believe.

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