Off To See The Lizards…

Well, first it was Little Rock, then New York, a flurry of rehearsals, some of them 100 miles away in Springfield, and then the Old Time Music Festival, in which I performed at 2 and 6 p.m., in two different bands. Now this week it’s NATF, the National Audio Theater Festival week-long workshop in West Plains. I’m on their board, and it’ usually a week of fun, late nights and schmoozing with old friends while learning great stuff about audio production. I always look forward to it, and always have a great time. But this year, whether from too much travel or the bruising near-100-degree heat, I’ve just completely pooped out. Still got to visit with my sweet friends old and new, but haven’t been worth a damn when it comes to real work. I’m finally going to venture out today and try to get some essentials taken care of (like taking my truck full of trash to the dump and attempting to pass my driver’s test). This is a big one, because I have cataracts and have postponed the surgery because it gives me the creeps to think about it. I know, I know. Save the Oforgodssake and BigBaby comments. I gotta do it. But later, ok? Anyway I’m off to see the lizards, er, something like that…


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