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Meredith 2-1

the Winter’s Bone folks at Sundance the morning after the win. From left: Me, producer Alix Madigan, Hannah Granik-Scheuer, director Debra Granik and producer Jonathan Scheuer. Photo credit: West Plains Quill

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2 Responses to Meredith 2-1

  1. margaret underwood says:

    Marideth! (sp?) I just came from seeing “Winter’s Bones,” with a friend and your voice is still in my head and wish it would stay there. Such a rich, pure and deep voice that sent chills through my soul. Thank you. I want to get the sound track of this movie which I enjoyed but mainly just to hear you sing again and again.

    Take care,

    Margaret from Greensboro, NC

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Thanks for hanging in there, Margaret. Glad you liked it. CD hard copies will be out in Oct., up on iTunes Sept. 7.

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