Still Standing – preview 4

securedownload-1_2This will challenge your listening ears, a song written by Marideth and her writing partner since the seventies, Robin Frederick; Smokin’ Too Long. Turn up the blues!

Smokin’ Too Long

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7 Responses to Still Standing – preview 4

  1. Marie says:

    Fantastic! This is going to be quite a different album if all the cuts you have sent are on it.

  2. bebe says:


  3. Sandra Warfield says:

    Love it! These teasers are killing me! Meredith, for this song you need a long, slinky sequined dress, and you leaning on a piano. No stillettos, though.

  4. Sandra Warfield says:

    Sorry….MArideth. I realized my error as soon as I hit Post Comment.

  5. JoAnne Renee says:


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